Built by a team of homegrown and passionate entrepreneurs, SCI is the pioneering universal Bitcoin company in the Philippines. Our focus on rapid execution and iteration has led to the development of strong, original, and robust products, all of which represent a key link in the Bitcoin value chain: adoption, liquidity, and utility. Working together, each of these services are designed to create a sustained and dynamic Bitcoin ecosystem for the Filipino market.

Drawing from a track record of success across multiple industries, the team inherently understands the unique competencies required to drive business in the local market, and has access to a firmly established network that enables us to tap the pivotal resources necessary to provide cutting-edge solutions.

Bitcoin is a universally accessible platform that presents new and exciting opportunities for innovation in the financial technology space. Capable of disrupting the remittance, payment processing, and mobile money industries, Bitcoin becomes the perfect instrument with which SCI can begin to engineer the future of finance in the Philippines.

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Our products represent groundbreaking solutions and vital links to the developing Bitcoin ecosystem in the Philippines.


We are all passionate and homegrown, coming together from different industries because of our belief in Bitcoin.


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